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Market Status: ONLINE.

Brief Dark0de Market Description:

Dark0de is a marketplace that combines everything you need to conduct business on the Darknet. Never again will you have to switch platforms or services and compromise on convenience or safety.

For more information check out our info-graphic: DARK0DE INFOGRAPHIC

Dark0de name legacy:

We have developed Dark0de to be the legacy of one of the best platforms on the Darknet. Loyal to the name we wanted to bring Dark0de into the future by developing a new platform with features , functions, design, categories and more, that no other market has. This is why our team has chosen to adopt the Dark0de name and show that this name will stand for a high quality platform and a high quality team. We will do everything within our power to make sure Dark0de has a solid future for her vendors and buyers.

✅ Upgrades, Upgrades, Upgrades !!

Update: Monday November 22nd – Server upgrades will be done, thanks for your patience!

Hey guys,

We're adding a huge load of extra servers to our infrastructure this week to keep up with the growth of the market.

For a few days some of you may run into pages not showing correctly or loading slow. We apologize for this, it was either this or full maintenance (which nobody wants :) )

We're doing it in a way that most of the regular market functionalities are still available to our users, withdrawals, buying, selling and listings etc. all still work as normal.

After we're done we are ready for another (almost) 400k users.

Thanks for your patience and understanduing guys!

ps: If you hve any questions please send me a message dont fill this topic with any support requests.

- -
Team Dark0de

✅ DDoS / Scaling / Upgrades / Traffic

Since WHM retired our traffic has seen an incredible increase and DDoS attacks as well. If you have any connectivity issues please get a new Tor Identity. We're working on adding a new system that has been worked on since the last months and scale on top of that, this will solve the connection issues in the coming days.

The DDoS and the parties doing it will be handled and are being discussed with Dread & Market Admins as well. Dont worry, it'll be solved soon. A decision has been made and the consequences will be felt soon enough. And we'll be stabilizing in the coming days as well.

Update Oct 28:
We're scaling our servers to allow the new user load to be handled smoothly, we re doing this continuously to grow with our growing user base.

Please do not keep posting the same issue about a connection not working, it will stabilize in the days to come.

Team Dark0de 

✅ 30.000 Drugs Listings !!


Today we reached 30.000 listings in our drugs category.

It's been a rollercoaster of checking and having to remove scam listings to keep Dark0de clean but here we are and we are proud of all our vendors and users. Thank you so much for trusting Dark0de to conduct your business on!

Thanks to everyone and let's get going to reach 50k!

Team Dark0de